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Hello One Plan Team –


"It is with great pride that I write to all of you today to express a very sincere “Muchas Gracias” for all your hard work, dedication, meticulous planning and passion that was evident during the execution of our Annual Sales meeting last week in Costa Rica.  I have been to many of these events during my years in the business, and I must say that last week´s meeting was a clear example of world class execution."


"I know that we took a risk by moving to an international location, which posed many challenges such sending the beer and POCM materials, coordinating from afar with cultural/language differences, and working with a new venue altogether.  But in the end, you were able to pull it off brilliantly, both in substance and form."


"My most sincere congratulations to you all, and thank you again for all the support and commitment.  What a great way to start 2014! "


"All the best!!"

Chief Executive Officer

San Jose, Costa Rica

Anna, Carol, and the One Plan Team -


"Thank you so much for all you do to help us prep and execute our Annual Meetings. We had a consolidated planning timeline this year and your partnership helped us achieve a fantastic result.  We are receiving some really great feedback from our customers, our employees, and the beer industry trade publications. You are always willing to go above and beyond for us and our guests and it really shows. Thank you again for everything you do for us!"

Chief of Staff/Director, Sales Operations

Buffalo, New York

"Anna, what great assistance and coordination from Jill and Jackie!  Really a great help to keep us all going in the right direction. And when one of our our trains was late and we missed our connection they were able to redirect and handle the situation seamlessly!"

"Their attention to these logistical details allowed us to concentrate, learn and experience Europe and
it's beer culture, which was our overall goal."

"Thanks again!"

Strategic Accounts Director

San Diego, California

"One Plan hit it out of the park! My distributors had the time of their life and will never forget that Anna and Carol handled everything when one of my guys grabbed the wrong luggage! They saved the day and the weekend."

Regional Sales Director

Chicago, Ilinois

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