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First I want to thank you and Anna for all your support and help with Bandon Dunes.  This truly could not have happened without your help. ​

Your attention to detail and anticipation of all the needs we would have is world class.  My team and wholesalers had glowing feedback for me on your efforts, help, and friendship.​ Can’t wait to do it again next year!!!! ​



Regional Manager

Columbus, Ohio

Hi Anna, Carol,

I hope all is well.

Just wanted to say thank you on behalf of our local team for everything you helped with last weekend! 

You guys truly rock, and hope to catch up with the two of you soon.

Market Manager

San Diego, California

For such a big event and program, everything went so well.

Big shout out to One Plan, they were great to work with on guest list and hotel needs.


Marketing Director

New York, New York

Just wanted to say thanks to you for this past weekend, everyone had a great time! All of the travel and transportation worked perfectly and the web app kept all of us in sync with the daily agenda and helpful  information.  You made this quick trip easy for all of us and we hope we are invited back next year.


Thanks again,

District Manager

Seattle, Washington

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